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*Color temperature: 8000K

*Lens: Yilong optical lens

*Horizontal: 540°

*Vertical: 270°

*Light source: Philips 330W or YODN 350W

*Total power: 470W

*Waterproof grade: IP56

*DMX512 signal control

*Color plate: 13 colors plus white light, and bidirectional speed change rainbow effect is available.  

*Rotary pattern plate: 17 fixed pattern plates (3 glass pattern positions)plus white light

*Atomization: 1 Atomization mirror

*Biprism: 8+16 prisms or 8+8 prisms for bidirectional speed change rotation

*Light dimming: 0-100%

*Strobing: 1-13 times/second

*Focusing: Electronic focusing

*Light output angle: 1.5°-3°

*Panel: LCD sensitive button

*Appearance: Patented product of full PV+ fiber plastic outer shell

*Hanging: Can be hung

*Net weight: 22KG

*Dimension: 39*32*67

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